Why Yoga Sculpt is the Perfect Addition to Re-Energize Your Workout Routine

Why Yoga Sculpt is the Perfect Addition to Re-Energize Your Workout Routine - Montreal Fitness

What is Yoga Sculpt?

It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest workout trends, especially for yogis in recent years. You might think Yoga Sculpt is another trend that won’t make it past the new year, but this could be one trend that has deeper roots and is here to stay.


Like many trends, this workout has proved difficult to pinpoint who started it. As early as 1994, fitness instructors like Kathy Smith coined the term “Yoga Sculpt” when discussing her routines that added aerobics to yoga postures. Trademarks do not shine much light, as two recent trademarks for the term “Yoga Sculpt” in the United States and Australia have both lapsed with no traction. But Yoga Sculpt workouts have been on the radar for popular sites like Well + Good since 2015. Now you can find multiple Yoga Sculpt classes at world renowned yoga studios, both at traditional and hot yoga sessions.


So what does a Yoga Sculpt session typically look like? In addition to a typical routine of yoga postures, a Yoga Sculpt class will incorporate two unique aspects: light hand weights and short bursts of intense cardio similar to HIIT. The weights keep you working throughout each posture, and the cardio bursts will ensure a good sweat in every class. Some classes integrate the training. For instance, a downward facing dog pose that moves into pushups. The ending Savasana brings the yogis back to their center after a hard-earned workout.

What Makes Yoga Sculpt a Good Cardio Option?

The cardio benefits of this workout are similar to many other routines: lower heart rate and blood pressure, strengthen heart and lung capacity, improve immune system, etc. Yoga Sculpt additionally offers the unique benefits of a high intensity interval training session, which means you receive the same cardio benefits in less time. 

What Can You Do to Prepare for Yoga Sculpt?

Advice for Yoga Sculpt classes is abundant. Here is a list of some of the more common themes from people who have tried, and loved, Yoga Sculpt.


Hydration is important for every workout routine, but especially important to be mindful of this before you start a Yoga Sculpt class. The weights make each yoga posture much more strenuous in itself, but adding high intensity cardio bursts ensures you will sweat…a lot! Staying hydrated throughout the day of your session, as well as after you train, will reduce strain on your muscles and keep you at peak performance.  

Learn Yoga Fundamentals

An integral aspect of this workout will be fundamental yoga postures. Taking a few beginner or even intermediate yoga classes will introduce you to common postures like Warrior I and II, downward facing dog, mountain pose , triangle pose, and bridge pose. Knowing these fundamental postures will allow you to focus on the weights, proper form, and cardio bursts for maximum benefit from your workout.

Wear Fitted Clothing

Yoga Sculpt classes involve a lot of fast movements during the cardio bursts, many of which include bending over and long stretches. Tight fitted clothing will prevent wasted energy on trying to keep your shirts or shorts in place while you workout.

Train Like Lifting

Many instructors encourage treating this like a regular weight program, and to aim at training three to four times per week. More often than that causes too much strain on your muscles, doing more damage than good. 

Final Reminder

One of the most important aspects of any workout routine is to have fun! The more you enjoy your workout, the more likely you are to continue. Yoga Sculpt can add a new burst of energy to your workout routine, and these classes are often paired with popular, up-beat music for even more excitement. So if you are looking to shake up your yoga, cardio, or weight routines, Yoga Sculpt could be for you.

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