Portable Ice Bath

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  • ❄️ EMBRACE THE ICE – Enhance the Body and Elevate the Mind with the Power of Cold Water Therapy! Our ice bathtub for athletes alleviates and reduces inflammation – and speeds up recovery with chilled temperatures trapped by our triple-layered cold tub insulation technology.

  • πŸ† #1 FOR QUALITY AND DESIGN – Our cold plunge tub is built from the best materials on the market. It’s designed to be leak proof with a re-enforced bottom, inflatable support ring and weather resistant outer coat.

  • πŸ›‘οΈ INCLUDES ICE HOOD – Ensure your ice plunge pool is protected from the elements with our elasticated cover – making this the ultimate ice bath!

  • 🧊 PORTABLE AND EASY-TO-USE – The cold plunge bath is incredibly easy to use. The Portable Ice bath tub is fully collapsible and straightforward to transport/set-up wherever you are!

  • 🌑️ ADAPTABLE & UNIVERSAL – Doubles up as a shower tub. Our portable tub insulates temperatures up to 50Β°C. Engineered for durability. This ice bath barrel has a 350L capacity, with (80x75cm) that can accommodate individuals of all sizes up to 6'7".